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We tell compelling stories about dry or complex topics to make learning fun at work

B2B video
Below are some of our favorite video examples

Motorola Character Reel

Whenever Motorola releases a new device, they engage us to produce a series of training videos that are shown to retail associates at Best Buy, AT&T, Verizon, and several other carriers/outlets.

Over the past few years, we've created dozens of characters to highlight tech specs and features in memorable and personable ways. 

JSSI Parts & Leasing

JSSI is an aircraft maintenance provider who needed to convey the offerings of their Parts & Leasing department to everyone in their industry. We produced this video that shows their personality by centering their staff, and keeps things interesting with bright visuals and a quick pace. 

Making of the new razr

We visited Motorola's offices to provide a behind-the-scenes look at how they developed their latest foldable smartphone. 

Unum - Disability Insurance

The B2B team at Unum was looking for an entertaining way to explain the benefit of auto-enrolling employees in Disability Insurance. The resulting video is centered around the premise that humans tend towards the path of least resistance.

Moto G Power Music Video

We've explored many different form factors to bring Motorola's B2B training content to life. For this release, we produced a funk/R&B music video complete with a catchy original song to make the key selling points memorable for viewers.

Animated Music Video

We've explored many different form factors to bring Motorola's B2B training content to life. For this release, we produced an animated music video complete with an original hip-hop track to make the key selling points memorable for viewers. 

Mom Makes Memes

When the pandemic made it difficult to gather a production crew in person, we tried new concepts that would let us tell fun stories from a distance. Here is one example from a series of at-home video journals. 

Internal video

Internal Event Kickoff Video

The team at JSSI bravely (and wisely) asked us to help create an irreverent, self-aware video to break the ice at the start of their three day global team meeting. 

We collected details about the inner workings of the company and wrote jokes custom-tailored to resonate with JSSI employees. It's a great way to show your employees that you hear them and you get them.

We specialize in Business to Business and Internal video production

B2B video includes anything you need to communicate to business partners or potential clients


Channel Marketing


Product Demos


Industry Trends


Event Support

Internal video includes all types of messaging for employees and subcontractors


HR Administration




Customer Service


Skills Development


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